Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool 2020

The Best Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool 2020


What is Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool?

Our SERP snippet optimization tool allows content publishers to preview how a page or post shows up in Google’s search results. This tool allows you to create the title and meta description tags of your post so it’s visually appealing to the reader, and ultimately increases click-through rate (CTR).

Our SERP snippet tool will help you boost SEO by letting you optimize your meta descriptions before you hit publish on your page or post. It is even more important to optimize your SERP snippet if you’re a newer site or have a lower domain authority, it can make all the difference in your rankings and whether you outrank your competition.

How to Optimize Your SERP Snippet Preview (Step by Step): 


SERP Snippet Title

Google’s SERP Snippet title contains up to 573 pixels. If a title contains more than 573 pixels, it will show (…) at the end.

You will want to make sure the keyword that you are trying to rank for appears in the title to boost your SEO.

Snippet Meta Description:

snippet meta description

In the meta description, Google allows 930 pixels. If the meta description contains more than 930 pixels, Google will show (…) at the end.

Once again, you’ll want to add the keyword you are trying to rank for in the meta description to increase the chances of appearing high in the search results for that specific word.



Google SERP Snippet Preview Tool

The snippet URL allows up to 536 pixels.

It’s important to add the keyword you’re trying to rank for in the URL. For example, if you’re trying to rank for “best cat food,” you’ll want to make your URL https://yourdomain.com/best-cat-food.


Rich Snippet: 

Sometimes Google will opt to show a snippet preview from your text that is more relevant to the user than the snippet you created. If they do this, don’t worry! Google does this to increase your click-through in case you start ranking for a keyword not present in the snippet you created.

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