competitive landscape analysis

How to Create a Competitive Landscape Analysis (Step by Step)

by Admin November 12, 2018 Product Management

Some companies operate on the belief that competitive pricing alone will generate strong market position. However, modern consumers are willing

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How to Create a Value Proposition your Customers Love (with Examples)

by Admin November 08, 2018 SaaS Tips

The average person spends 15 seconds looking at a website. That means you have 15 seconds to convey a lot

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user feedback survey

7 Customer Feedback Survey Questions to Ask your Customers

by Admin October 01, 2018 Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is an important, and unfortunately, often overlooked step in the product development process. Many people think that they

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product management books

Top 10 Product Management Books to Read

by Admin September 22, 2018 Product Management

Being a successful Product Manager requires knowledge in multiple areas from customer psychology to product development to data analysis. But

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