understanding customer needs

Understanding Customer Needs: 10 Tips to Exceed Expectations

by Outcry July 13, 2020 Product Management, SaaS Tips

Understanding customer needs doesn’t need to be difficult. You just have to put yourself in their shoes. How would you

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bug reports

How to Write a Bug Report that makes Developers Happy: 7 Tips

by Outcry July 06, 2020 Product Management

Ah, the infamous bug report. How can something with the potential to do so much good be so often misunderstood?

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product roadmap examples

7 Product Roadmap Examples You Need To Know (+ Free Tools)

by Outcry June 15, 2020 Product Management

When you’re developing a new product, a product roadmap helps to give you the thousand-feet overview in a visual way. 

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feature requests

Product Feature Requests: Expectations vs. Reality

by Outcry June 13, 2020 Product Management

Every product manager knows the importance of feature requests in the product development process. Without them, you’re lost, but too

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product manager vs. project manager

Product Manager vs. Project Manager: what’s the difference?

by Outcry May 18, 2020 Product Management

The complexity of business and its recurring changes have segregated the workforce into more and more specialized categories. In small

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business development tools

7 Business Development Tools You Need to Know

by Outcry October 12, 2019 Product Management

Are you looking for the best business development tools to take your company to the next level? As technology advances,

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New Product Launch? Here Are 8 Steps You Need to Take

by Outcry May 14, 2019 Product Management

So, you’ve got this great idea for a new product launch. And you’ve got the team and the resources to

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competitive landscape analysis

How to Create a Competitive Landscape Analysis (Step by Step)

by Outcry November 12, 2018 Product Management

Some companies operate on the belief that competitive pricing alone will generate strong market position. However, modern consumers are willing

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product management books

10 Books Every Product Manager Should Read

by Outcry September 22, 2018 Product Management

Being a successful Product Manager requires knowledge in multiple areas from customer psychology to product development to data analysis. But

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Create a Better Product Management Process: 5 Tips

by Outcry September 15, 2018 Product Management

As technology continues to improve, so does the product management process and our ability to more accurately understand our customer’s

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