bug reports

How to Write a Bug Report that makes Developers Happy: 7 Tips

by Outcry July 06, 2020 Product Management

Ah, the infamous bug report. How can something with the potential to do so much good be so often misunderstood?

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Best SaaS Books - best books on saas

10 Best SaaS Books for Founders & CEOs

by Outcry June 29, 2020 SaaS Tips

Are you looking for the best SaaS books to help grow your business? If so, you’ve come to the right

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types of customer feedback

5 Types of Customer Feedback (& what to do with them)

by Outcry June 22, 2020 Customer Feedback

So you’ve spent all this time gathering different types of customer feedback, but you’re unsure what to do with all

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bootstrap saas startup

How to Bootstrap Your SaaS Startup: 7 Tips

by Outcry June 17, 2020 SaaS Tips

Bootstrapping your SaaS startup doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, SaaS businesses have the advantage of a predictable revenue

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