reactive vs proactive customer feedback

Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Feedback

by Outcry August 07, 2021 Customer Feedback

Do you know the difference between reactive and proactive customer feedback? Well, it’s much like a pro-active versus reactive approach

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increase survey response rates

How to Increase Survey Response Rates

by Outcry July 27, 2021 Customer Feedback

Did you know that more than half of customers don’t fill out feedback surveys? That’s right, they just walk away.

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customer engagement

8 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement

by Outcry July 25, 2021 Customer Feedback

Customer engagement is important for all businesses, but it may be especially critical when scaling a business from 10 to

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feedback analysis

Feedback Analysis: How to Analyze Customer Feedback

by Outcry October 09, 2020 Customer Feedback

According to Microsoft, 52% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on the feedback provided

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customer complain

Customer Feedback vs Customer Complaint

by Outcry October 09, 2020 Customer Feedback

We all know that getting information from your target customer helps you to improve your product and service, and helps

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types of customer feedback

5 Types of Customer Feedback (& what to do with them)

by Outcry June 22, 2020 Customer Feedback

So you’ve spent all this time gathering different types of customer feedback, but you’re unsure what to do with all

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product feedback survey

7 Tips for A Successful Product Feedback Survey

by Outcry August 20, 2019 Customer Feedback

Are you looking for quick feedback about your company’s products? If this is the case, you’d do well to create

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customer feedback

7 Reasons Customer Feedback is Important

by Outcry August 13, 2019 Customer Feedback

Honestly, do you know  the real value of customer feedback? Customer feedback is paramount. You will never stop collecting data

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customer feedback statistics

17 Customer Feedback Statistics You Need to Know

by Outcry August 05, 2019 Customer Feedback

Are you looking for the latest customer feedback statistics? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Business progress and

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customer feedback examples

10 Customer Feedback Examples from Famous Companies

by Outcry August 03, 2019 Customer Feedback

Are you looking for customer feedback examples to implement in your business? Then you’ve come to the right place. All

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instagram collect customer feedback

How to Collect Customer Feedback Using Instagram Stories

by Outcry August 02, 2019 Customer Feedback

Instagram is a phenomenal platform to market your business, but did you know that it’s also a great way to

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How to Take Feedback Like a Pro

by Outcry July 30, 2019 Customer Feedback

Many people take pride in their work and most likely, you do too. Taking pride in your work is a

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How to Encourage Positive Feedback From Your Customers Online

by Outcry July 13, 2019 Customer Feedback

Feedback will make or break your startup.  On one hand, you have feedback in the form of online reviews. They’re

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product feedback

7 Ways to Collect Feedback for your SaaS Product

by Outcry June 01, 2019 Customer Feedback

Everyone knows customer feedback is essential, but not everyone knows how to ask for it. They either ask too many

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5 Reasons Negative Feedback Is More Common

by Outcry May 26, 2019 Customer Feedback

The only way to grow is by receiving feedback. We all know this. But does feedback always have to be

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Top 7 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Provide Feedback (and what to do instead)

by Outcry May 14, 2019 Customer Feedback

One of the most important things for companies to get a grasp on is customer feedback. After putting in all

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How to Create a Customer Feedback Strategy (Step by Step)

by Outcry November 15, 2018 Customer Feedback

After all the effort, time, and money you spend developing and marketing your product, a customer feedback strategy will help

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user feedback survey

7 Product Evaluation Survey Questions to Ask your Customers

by Outcry October 01, 2018 Customer Feedback

Are you looking for a list of product evaluation survey questions to ask your customers? Product feedback is an important,

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